Your Feedback

We listened to your feedback

As a result, we are taking active steps to better your patient experience

At Westbrook Family Medical we carried out a patient survey (the practice Accreditation and Improvement Survey) and asked for your honest opinions on the service we provide. We listened to your concerns and have taken the following actions in order to make improvements to patient care where you feel it would be most useful.

What you told usChanges we are making
1.      Doctors need to be on time  1.      The majority of our doctors have good time management skills and do their best to run on time. There will always be times when due to unforeseen circumstances a doctor will be running late. Our reception team will endeavour to inform our patients if their doctor is running late. Unfortunately, we can only give an estimate as we are unaware of what is happening in the consult room.
2.      Online booking system too complicated, difficult to decide which appointment type to choose, especially if I have more than one reason for seeing the doctor. 2.      We have reduced the number of specialised appointments on our online booking service. Patients will need to call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists to book specialised appointments to ensure enough time is allotted for these appointments. 
3.      More availability for telephone consultations.   3.      We have extended/increased the number of telephone appointment availability. However, there will be times when the doctor decided a physical examination is required.  
4.      Changed fee structure notification.     4.      We did try hard to get the information out to all of our patients, we did the following:
a)     Letters were handed out to each patient attending the practice on month before the fee structure changed.
b)     The information was added to our website.
c)      The information was added on the Tonic TV.
d)     The letter to patients was on display in the waiting room.